Welcome to the world of Vedic astrology

Om Namah Shivay Om Gang Ganpatye Namah

As per Hindu religion, in the beginning of Universe and when life started Lord created various religious guidelines and tools to help mankind in their day to day activity. Vedic astrology was one of them. Vedic astrology uses planetary positions in our solar system as per your time and place of birth and also current positions to predict events in your life. Basically it is based on concept that all planets/objects big enough or near to us have effect on us and can dictate events in our life good or bad. Please read following FAQs for further info -

Note - Vedic astrology analysis takes hours of reading charts, so please give correct information and single specific query for critical issues, one query at a time. This is free astrological consultation only for critical issues in life , though if you like the analysis, please try to donate if you like the work so that we can keep the services running. For consultation regarding non-critical issues, a fees will be appreciated.